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With a battery capacity of mAH, that makes FindMyKids the strongest and longest lasting smartphone watch on our list. Integrated with the FindMyKids app, Parents remain in complete control of their little one. Buy it here and see how these cool features work in this video. Overview : The Verizon Gizmowatch is a very high-tech watch that claims to prepare your child for their first smartphone. With 4 Gigs of memory and a battery capacity of mAH, you can already tell how advanced this watch is.

Learn more about the watch here and watch this quick video on how it works. The greatest feature of all is its ability to withstand video calling. With 3G connectivity on an Android operating system, the DokiWatch is very reliable. A SIM card is required but not provided. The DokiWatch can also hold a charge for up to 24 hours on normal usage.

See more here and watch this video about the watch here. Check out the watch here and see more in this video. Omate x Nanoblock , on the other hand, was blacklisted by parents due to the possibility of hacking and location spoofing. The watch itself is full of cool features and easy to use, but the risk of privacy invasion may be too great. The HereO Smartwatch is also an honorable mention.

Because of their low price points and obtainability, you can easily own one of these great gadgets for your child. It even has a long lasting battery mAH and is waterproof; everything a child needs to use their watch for years to come. Compatible with iOS and Android, parents remain in control and in the know.

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These watches are compatible with the FindMyKids app which ensures safety and reliability. Overview : The G Smartwatch is a waterproof, GPS safety tracking phone watch that comes equipped with a waterproof screen, HD camera, voice chatting app, two way calling and more. While you typically must purchase a SIM card separately, there is a package available follow the link below that includes a SIM card for free. The phone runs on a cellular network and they recommend you purchase a phone plan with SpeedTalk Mobile.

You can find it here and feel free to watch this video. Overview : The G10 Smartwatch is a sophisticated watch for kids. Having its own music player, games, calculator, and camera makes this teched-out watch special. It runs on a cellular network SpeedTalk and comes with a free SIM card, making two-way calling a breeze. It has a battery capacity of mAH and a standby time of three to five days. Check it out here. Overview : This Vtech smartwatch is a good choice for educational fun. Meant to be used more as a toy than a tool, kids can wear one on their wrists and play fun learning games.

It has a standby time of two to three days. However, given the amount of usage your child is sure to dish out, you can expect the battery to last for no more than a day before it needs to be charged. Find out more here and watch their video here. Overview : Not disappointing when it comes to fun and games, iCoolive also delivers on functionality. An easy to use, waterproof watch with GPS and camera, this watch keeps things simple. It is a wonderful device, however, it fails to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Luckily, parents can remain in control with the iOS and Android app. Learn more here and see how it works. The battery life is exceptional and lasts about 2 weeks. The SpyTech gadget has a built-in accelerometer that detects motion and powers the device on or off which depends on whether the gadget is moving.

That prevents the battery from dying off at unexpected and inconvenient sometimes crucial times. The device provides location updates as often as every 5 seconds , so you can track fast moving people and vehicles. What do buyers say? The tracker was incredibly easy to set up. Only thing is if device is placed on a very active vehicle, battery will not last a 2 week span. I also purchased the the magnetic mount, waterproof case. The cases magnetic mounts are very strong. After being on vehicle for 5 days four of those days being really rainy days case remained exactly where it was mounted under the vehicle, and device inside case was completely dry with no sign of any moisture in case.

The price includes a GPS device, a black sleeve, 3 fasteners, 1 magnetic key, charger, and a travel case. Once you purchase a device, you need to register it at the AngelSense GPS portal and take a quick questionnaire about your child and her needs.

The listen-in feature allows you to call your child without her knowing it and listen to whatever is going on near her when your call is automatically put through. AngelSense for Kids: Check the current price. Samuel Siskind , a security expert, told Gadget Reviews about the benefits of using such items:.

Tile Mate has recently made their device even smaller, now it might fit practically anywhere: looped on a keychain, clipped to a backpack, or placed inside the purse. The device has a really nice and simple design. You can buy either one or four devices at once for all family members, making it a great option for those on a tight budget. Install the Tile app on the phone and track the last known location of your child. Besides tracking kids, the device finds your phone, just double tap to make it ring, has a nice Tile community around it that might help you track your lost items.

Tile Mate: Check the current price. Guardian Angel might be more appealing for a kid because of its rather playful design resembling a ladybug. There are, in fact, two devices that will come in a single package: one is the base unit, the other one is the tracking unit or tag. Guardian Angel by Ardi: Check the current price.

My Buddy Tag is more than just a cool little wristband. One of the advantages of this device is that it is waterproof and can be submerged in water.

This feature makes the My Buddy Tag a perfect option if your child attends a swimming pool, you live near the ocean, or plan a vacation. The gadget alarms you if your kid is under water for a certain period of time to prevent accidental drowning. The gadget also has a panic button which when activated sends you a signal that your child needs help. You can adjust the Silicone wristband by a coin screw fastener from 5. The free app comes for iOS and Android. My 4YO and I have been testing it out around the house - so far so good. I bought this for our upcoming Disney World trip.

Simply helps me ensure that my child is within close proximity of me. In addition to the alarm, it allows me to see his location on a map, and allows him to contact me with the panic button if he needs it. It's been used at Disneyland, in Chicago, and at the beach. The location map is fairly accurate, so it's useful if we split up.

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My Buddy Tag: Check the current price. The VindiTeach is a personal alarm that can be activated by pulling the pin whenever your kid is in danger. The device comes with an LED flashlight making it easier for a kid to look for something in her backpack or light her way home in the dark. VindiTech Personal Alarm: Check the current price.

Finding the right device for you and your kid is crucial because a badly working gadget will make you even more nervous as to whereabouts and safety of your child. There are some free apps on a smartphone which you download and use for free. Other than that, all credible reliable devices usually come with a monthly charge. But I recommend you talk to your child especially a teenager to obtain an informed consent.

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Automated alerts GPS locator Step tracker 2-way voice calls and messaging Up to 10 trusted contacts Waterproof design. Allows you to pre-set distances in proximity settings Waterproof and can be submerged in water to detect longer times underwater. While this watch might seem like an easy solution for tracking your child, it is not so.

The latest reviews from buyers suggested they were not being able to make the SIM work on any mobile operator. Others suggested the tracking was not accurate , sometimes showing completely different locations altogether. Be careful when purchasing goods that were manufactured outside the United States, especially those that work on GPS technology. SmartWatch Oltec: Check the current price.

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I cannot vouch for the performance or efficiency of this device, nor did I find any reviews available from the buyers to make a final decision. However, I did decide to include this watch in this guide for several reasons:. Dad would see me charging it and would sneak out before it would get put back on his wheelchair or unplug the unit so it didn't charge, etc. He finally made them "disappear.

Since we Currently unavailable. Right code: pw,,apn,mobilenet,,, Send it by sms to your watch, and internet and GPS will work.

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True waterproof protection. Absolutely love this product for peace of mind, I bought one to test and review upon and I will probably be buying a few more to protect my vehicles and trailers. For those who have left bad reviews about being able to control and locate, hopefully I can clarify why this unit actually is and how to set it correctly. People also tend to go inside, and GPS Very help for me" - by Amazon Customer. I bought the tracker for my wife. She always forgets things, and often need to find her key and bag.

This gps tracker is very helpful for her that she can know where they are by the her phone. We love it so much, cheap and helpful, easy to use too. We had a problem with voice recording icon in the app. Seller was very helpful and managed to solve it out. My kid is very happy with the smart watch.

Finally a good tracker which doesn't go out of range. My 2nd grader now has it on her backpack. Lets me know where she is at all times.

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Came with a year of coverage. I put the tracker in my cordless screw gun bag with charger and extra battery along with the screw gun. After someone broke into my job trailer and stole my tools, they also tool the toolbag with the tracker in it. The police were able to track down the theif. Usually ships within 6 to 10 days.

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